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Despite the crisis, many companies are hiring

The Big cheap air jordan 6 Players stumble: German Bank, IBM, Commerzbank, Sony or Panasonic build from thousands of sites. Elsewhere jobs are created. Currently, there are in Germany 863000 731000 job vacancies in the West, 132000 in the east. BASF (chemicals), EADS buy air jordan 5 (aerospace) or BMW (luxury cars), but also companies that have their customers primarily in Germany, such as Edeka (retail), the German railway. Adidas Adidas is located in the ongoing competition with Nike. To prepare personnel to better 400 new jobs are created. Occupation by the middle of next year. Amazon is shipping 10,000 temporary retailer Amazon is currently in Germany alone. Hundreds of temporary employees will win a regular job afterwards. Audi Overall, 2,000 new employees will adjust Audi. Were planned for 2012 actually only 1200. German Bahn German Rail plans to hire in a job campaign in the coming years, around 7,000 new employees. BASF BASF aims to create 100 jobs. Thus, the chemical giant had a total of 110100 employees worldwide. BMW not to frighten the sales crisis in the auto maker translucent BMW: 3000 employee, the Group plans to hire 700 workers alone in the factory in Leipzig. Boston Consulting Group The Boston Consulting Group consulting company wants to increase the number of employees in Germany significantly. Planned are 220 new jobs. dm drugstore chain dm benefited from the Schlecker bankruptcy. By year-end the Group intends to achieve its two-year goal and 3,000 new employees have set. EADS plans to hire 1,800 employees of Air and Space Company EADS. Edeka Between 5000 and 10,000 new jobs will create food discounter Edeka. The supermarket chain wants to expand further. Intel hands Wrestling examined the chipmaker Intel professionals. Currently, there are 350 vacancies at the locations in Germany. Kärcher Good cleansing seems to demand. Specialist Kärcher wants to create 300 jobs in Germany alone. 1,000 more will be added worldwide. Lanxess Chemistry booming. One reason for Lanxess to create 1600 new jobs. Porsche Just the Zuffenhauser sports car maker has resubmitted sensational numbers. To cope with the rush to luxury cars, to 1000 new jobs will be created (in 2015). Rolls Royce for his turbine plant in Berlin Rolls Royce is currently seeking 100 new employees. Sellbytel for the sites in Berlin, Nuremberg, Ingolstadt and Erfurt wants the daughter of American advertising giant BBDO until the end of 500 employees. Wooga almost doubled wants games producer Wooga its workforce, creating 100 new jobs. Xing By the end of the professional network Xing (Hamburg) wants to create another 100 points. ZF Friedrichshafen The sales slump in the car market seems not to feel at supplier ZF Friedrichshafen. On the contrary: 2,000 new employees to work off the full order books. Germany has done his homework in the past ten years and reformed the labor market. After the crisis between 2002 and 2005 with high unemployment and a Mischabelmountain Valley ride today is mainly the labor market on a very solid base, said Jürgen Matthes from the Institute of the German Economy (IW) in Cologne. Seasonality is evident, accentuated: For the weeks before the festival want to set department stores and shops 30,000 temporary workers.

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