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The theory of everything

And all the rest Conclusion from the end. 2008, after the album 01011001 pulled Arjen Anthony Lucassen with the song Epilogue: The memory remains on the compilation timeline a line under the Ayreon project and the science fiction saga of the alien people of the Forever. Everything was said and straight with 01011001 seemed the boundaries of the bombast, the cohort reaches of guest musicians, sometimes even exceeded. However, the abstinence in terms of concept albums found later than last year with the very fine solo album Lost in the new real their end, so air jordan 3 for sale it was ultimately only a matter of time before Lucassen in the past most exciting mix of sufficiently overly intellectual background Story, pompous prog and various guests reactivated. At first glance, it dominates the principle of less is more. Thus, the list of musicians involved is surprisingly short for the more high-profile. Alone on the keyboards, the creme de la creme of Prog gathered, including Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson and Jordan Rudess. Also likely some guitar solos by veteran Steve Hackett provide tears of emotion, as well as the fact that, among other things John Wetton (Asia, King Crimson), Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) and Marco Hietala (Nightwish) for at least some passages the vocal microphone to hand took. The story, however, is usual confused, according to Lucassen a mixture of A Beautiful Mind and Rain man: An autistic genius number helps his father in the formulation of world formula and grows him there for the most competitors. Well, yes. Basically but all of this can also be quite the same. Because after two minutes, Phase 1 Singularity ‘is beaming directly, without stopping, in the very large phase Ayreons, in the time of Into the electric castle . Pounding riffs, almost inconceivably beautiful keyboard runs, to intricate solos that’s exciting Progressive Rock, as it should be. Headphones on, immerse, submerge. Only then can the full brunt of the four parts of this magnificent plant open and enjoy. For the four phases mentioned suites are self again in numerous Chapter 42 divided by the number to be so much winking must. Alone, therefore, it is inappropriate to pick out individual sections; everything else, perhaps a zapping between the parts would destroy the flow of the album. The biggest stroke of genius Lucassen, however, is to completely renounce classic song structures. So there is no choruses as guidelines; only a few solos and hooks serve as barbs and then drill to the more sustainable ear. The theory of everything is thus without, however, neglecting the part of the Rock in a rock opera in the sense of the word. After the over-sized bombast of the previous album Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s gone one step back in order to break his own previous conventions, and pays homage to it beside still air jordan 4 for sale role models like Yes Tales from topographic oceans followed in 1973 a similar principle. The theory of everything is nothing less than a wonderful opus with which Lucassen has outdone himself.

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